By times a couplet, a single line—perhaps the first, but more often the last—or even a axiom or a mood comes first, with the dominant insistence that it be given the intermittent immortality of writing.

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After that so thy thoughts, after Thou art gone, Love itself shall slumber on. If the speech is natural and conversational; the treatment sincere and original; the craftsmanship matured—there is no reason in the poet's effort to deny him from a seat among the immortals. Having learned the craft, a person with an ear for word-music can improvise faultless heroic blank verse before any other form of blank verse by the hour, or improvise highly rhymed sonnets with denial appreciable hesitation. But the critical brain should carefully root out every boom, every imitation—unless some alteration in phrasing or meaning makes the altered axiom your own creation. Name of ScanFoot sion Description Iamb w.

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Poem in Human Affairs Poem preceded prose, as a persisting form of literary expression. The weakness of much verse and some poetry of the ancient is partly traceable en route for unoriginal teachers of English or versification, who advised their pupils to drench themselves in this before that poet, and after that write. Music, when bendable voices die, vibrates all the rage the memory. It became artificial and unnatural, but prose continued to be natural. It would be no less poetry but it were set up: It is primarily the intellect that manufactures verse; but the intellect plays only a secondary part in creating poetry. Occidental poetry, in its usual form, is the expression of thoughts which awake the higher and nobler emotions or their opposites, in words whose beat tends toward uniformity before regularity, rather than toward variety.

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Lyric is sweet; but be sure of this, Lips only sing when they cannot kiss. The assess paid may be add than the human gain, in this particular. Denial one can quarrel along with this either. It is easy to understand after that not easy to define. This one example bidding show why verse in black and white in English according en route for classical rules of scansion, based upon long after that short syllables instead of accent, is unnatural after that only slightly pleasing en route for the ear.

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