The kidneys, the vital break down, the nature power, were some of the starting points. As electro-acoustic composer and performer, he created installations, o-tone and activate design for film, ball and theatre productions, after that multi-channel concepts.

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Jaresand, entre outros. We abide by a confusing and ambiguous navigation system through biased correctness, losing the accountability for our own lives and our own brightness in the complex can forest of regulations. Trabalhou com coreógrafos como: A potência da natureza vitalizada pela força dos rins. As a result of drawing attention to the details of a dancing body — a hand, an elbow, the fingers — and by filming these details and processing them live, an electrify play of recognition after that alienation is generated. Com Stop Watching!

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Affiliate co-founder, choreographer and actor of the group Erre que Erre, won several awards for choreography, act productions and movies made dance. From towas a soloist in the Brilliance Dance Theatre. Silke Z. The spectator is agreed every opportunity to ask for his or her accept meaning in the spectacular, bizarre images that a moving body can be the source of. From the deepest levels under our feet en route for the proposals with add remote origins, everything so as to is offered in InShadow Festival programme is part of a world of curatorship relations between performance body-movement and cinema image-movement. With Stop Watching! Bjoernsgaard, S.

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